terça-feira, 10 de junho de 2014

Spring love

I'm deeply in love. Maybe it's just a spring love. But who cares? 
You made me be who I need to be. You made me face my fears.
You made me regret. I'm in love, for sure. Cannot go back to the life I had before you. Can't be the same anymore. 
I was in love with you even before meeting you. I knew it was going to be awesome. That it would feel as right as it feels right now.
Maybe the other is just a summer lover. Something to amuse me while you're at the other side of my world.
I simply have fallen in love with you. And I know that you're not perfect. Neither am I. But it's between our flaws that we are gonna make it right.
Because you know I could live this life. And we both know how many we have to discover about ourselves. 
So, this last night, I only ask you this: let me stay and don't let my legs go the other way.